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Mark Janbakhsh

Hispanic Family Foundation / Mark Janbakhsh

Mark Janbakhsh – President

Mark Janbakhsh was born in Tehran, Iran, and came to the United States before the age of one. His family immigrated to Orange County, California, where he grew to appreciate diversity and culture on a grand scale.

After moving to Nashville in 1985, the Janbakhsh family embarked on their Tennesseean entrepreneurial journey, paving the way for Mark and his brother to follow in their footsteps of being business owners and visionaries. Mark graduated from David Lipscomb University with a Political Science degree and immediately dove into the Nashville marketplace. Mark, after having owned various businesses, branched out into Radio when he purchased TBLC Media. In 2010, Mark and his wife, Diane, began the work of the Hispanic family foundation. They saw the needs of the growing Hispanic community in Nashville and the surrounding areas and decided that they could make a difference by giving back and creating outreach opportunities.

In 2013, Mark and his wife Diane, founded the Hispanic Family Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides legal aid, social services, economic integration, and arts and culture programs to Hispanic families.

Mark purchased and old Kroger and developed Plaza Mariachi Music City, LLC. A cultural and retail center in South Nashville that opened in 2017.

Mark’s heavy involvement in the community, through his various businesses and charitable contributions, coupled with his experiences and knowledge of the community, has allowed him to contribute to the advancement of individuals in the local community and economy.

Janbakhsh grew up in Nashville and received a Bachelor degree from Lipscomb University.

Mark also serves as Vice-President of Music City Worship, a 501c(3) organization.