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Our Our mission is to utilize our platforms of economic, social services, advocacy, and culture to educate and strengthen Nashville's Hispanic and immigrant communities. Mission Feeding
The Hispanic Family Foundation has been a leader in the community organizing food drives to feed hungry families during these challenging times.
Sharing Our
It is too easy for our children in this country to forget about and become disconnected from the culture of their parents. HFF provides many programs that bring the culture to life so that our children can learn about and appreciate the customs of their parents.

Strengthen local families


Help change a life


Health programs.


Strenghtening Lives

Our mission is to utilize our economic, social services, advocacy, and cultural programs to educate and strengthen Nashville's Hispanic and immigrant communities.


Our programs that focus on education and literacy are the foundation of the work that we do. Our Early Literacy Program and Bilingual Story Times allow parents and children to develop a love of reading and learning from an early age. This in turn encourages children to read more in school and assists them in achieving their reading levels and goals at a faster pace.

The Adult Literacy Program includes our Adult English Classes, HiSet Classes (GED Equivalency), Adult Computer Classes, Entrepreneurship, and other seasonal classes and workshops offered for a nominal fee.

Our Baila School is all about learning the art of dance, music, and culture. We think it is important that every child gets the opportunity to learn how to express themselves through movement and song, and that these skills that they learn will be taken with them wherever they go in life.

Community Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

HFF has been a great resource for families that are recovering from natural disasters. Here are some of the statistics of the disaster relief that we provided.

Severe storms hit Tennessee causing flooding and a lot of damage to the homes and belongings of many families. Thanks to our partnerships with various organizations:

75 families and a total of 113 people, received Goodwill, Walmart, and Kroger gift cards, bus passes, and household items.

39 families that needed help relocating to a new apartment received a down payment and first-month rent checks. We also had the honor of having the Case Manager work out of our office for several weeks so families could come to a place that they are familiar with.

We hosted FEMA for 3 weeks so Hispanics, immigrants, and anyone in the community that was affected by the flood could get connected to the help and aid available to them.

Community Health Fair

Health Fairs

HFF founded and hosts two health fairs: Dia de La Mujer, Live Out Love Nashville.

Día de La Mujer was created to be a space to celebrate, empower, and encourage Hispanic and Immigrant women by connecting them to health services from all over Nashville in one place. This year women and their families had access to free mammograms, raffles, job fair, and more. There was also the opportunity to create a free medical ID for children.

When Live Out Love Nashville was created in 2020, it was the first time the health service providers and schools of Nashville ever came together to reach the community in one event. They bring free mobile clinics, dental checkups, food bags, blood pressure tests, vision testing, mental health screening, unused/old medication disposal, and more! “To serve somebody with their gifts and talents, that’s love” -Diane Janbakhsh

HFF Community Food Drive

Community Involvement

The Hispanic Family Foundation is actively involved in the community where we live. Our local community outreach includes food drives, community baby showers, health fairs, back to school programs, and cultural events.


Covid Vaccines


Christmas Gifts to Children


Hours of Volunteer Service


Children in Learning Programs

Fundraising Plans

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need


Would you like to do more to help your community? HFF needs volunteers. Fill out the volunteer application and indicate which events and activities that you would like to help out with and someone will be in touch.

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