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Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias – September 15, 2024

Our largest event every year, Fiestas Patrias, is a community event that celebrates the independence of Mexico and Central America in an outdoor and indoor setting. Showcased are the best of Latin and Mexican entertainment and cultural performances that encapsulate Mexican and Hispanic tradition and history. It is an all-day event filled with Mariachi music, dancing, bands, children’s activities, and different food. The night concludes with a historical and official ceremony that includes the ringing of Mexico’s Independence Bell – La Campana de Dolores, of which the official replica was gifted to Plaza Mariachi by the city of Puebla, Mexico in 2016. To finish the night, we present a fireworks display to the sounds of traditional Mexican Mariachi music and folkloric dancing. Attendance at our Fiestas Patrias event has varied between 13 – 20 thousand people.