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Hispanic Family Foundation / Events  / Las Posadas – December 21-23, 2022
Las Posadas

Las Posadas – December 21-23, 2022

Each year we celebrate the tradition of Las Posadas or the pilgrimage that Mary and Joseph made during Christmas. Families come and sing the traditional songs as well as celebrate with tamales, champurrado, ponche, and other Mexican traditional holiday foods as they await the coming Holy night when the baby Jesus was born. The families participate in the singing of traditional villanicios or carols, which culminates with a real-life procession of the Holy Pilgrims and an enactment of that night. Piñatas are broken and children sing songs and eat candies and bunuelos with their close families and friends. These celebrations span for nine nights before Christmas Eve. Attendance for Las Posadas is typically around 300+ people.